My name is Heidi-Jane James and I'm a PROUD Type 1 Diabetic.

I’ve been running since I was seven years old, competing nationally across New Zealand, and holding national records for track running.

I was diagnosed as a Type 1 (T1) Diabetic on Christmas day in 1992 as a result of a viral infection. This was a blow at the time as I had hoped to gain a running scholarship to the US, but since then I haven’t let diabetes slow me down, and I’ve been determined to succeed in my chosen sports and my professional career.

I have since competed internationally for New Zealand in three ITU World Duathlon  Championships, and competed in four Ironman triathlons to date, as well as various other running, triathlon and multi-sport events in New Zealand and around the world. When I’m not out training I’m a primary school teacher in Tauranga, New Zealand.

I’m passionate about raising awareness of T1 Diabetes, and fundraising to help others to get the advice and support they need to make the most of life with this disease.

I started this website in 2011 with funding from my sponsors to share my experiences with diabetes and, hopefully, to be a source of inspiration to some of you out there!

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 I am a member of da (Diabetes Advocates)

T1 Tri Girl Heidi-Jane James

T1 Tri Girl Heidi-Jane James